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2MP 10x AFZ MIPI Camera for Raspberry Pi

2MP 10x AFZ MIPI Camera for Raspberry Pi 2MP 10x AFZ MIPI Camera for Raspberry Pi 2MP 10x AFZ MIPI Camera for Raspberry Pi
2MP 10x AFZ MIPI Camera for Raspberry Pi 2MP 10x AFZ MIPI Camera for Raspberry Pi 2MP 10x AFZ MIPI Camera for Raspberry Pi
2MP 10x AFZ MIPI Camera for Raspberry Pi
10x Auto Focus Zoom block Mipi camera for Raspberry Pi



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GeT Cameras has developed a 2MP auto focus zoom camera that can be connected directly to the Raspberry Pi via MIPI. The camera is auto focus, but with the raspberry pi you can control both the focus and the zoom. The camera is recognized in the Raspberry Pi as an original Raspberry Pi camera module. Camera settings can be changed via the I2C bus of the Raspberry Pi. The camera is equipped with a 1/2.8” 2MP sensor. This results in large 2.95u pixels. An original Raspberry Pi 8MP camera only has a pixel size of 1.12u. This makes our camera almost 9x as light sensitive as an original 8MP Pi camera.
The advantages of this MIPI AFZ camera are:

Advantages over Raspberry Pi camera

• 10x Optical zoom function 5.1-51mm
• Large 1/2.8 ”image sensor
• Very light sensitive (almost 9x more light sensitive then 8MP pi camera)
• Wide dynamic range (WDR)

Advantages over USB3 AFZ camera

• More compact
• Cheaper
• MIPI connection (no thick cables)
• Low power consumption, battery lasts longer
• Lower weight
• Less CPU resources

This makes this camera a very interesting choice for camera projects with a Raspbery Pi.

Example applications for Auto focus zoom block mipi camera for Raspberry Pi

Many applications are possible with this unique AFZ zoomblock mipi camera. Some examples are:
• Robots;
• Security cameras;
• Drones;
• Plant irrigation system;
• Bird watcher;
• Crowd scanner (people counter);
• Visual and Visual to sound assistive devices for the partially sighted and hearing impaired;

Advanced AFZ MIPI camera features

The AFZ mipi camera has a 1/2.8” 2MP Sony IMX462 sensor and capture images at 60 or 30 fps full HD. The resolution can be set to 1080p and 720p. It is possible to zoom 10x optical and 32x digital. The zoom block contains Real-time True WDR and is equipped with High Light Compensation. The camera also has Digital Noise Reduction (2D + 3D). Furthermore, the camera is equipped with a Privacy Mask Function, Digital Image Stabilization, Intelligent Motion Detection and Defog Function. The camera supports VISCA and Pelco-D / P Protocol but can also be controlled via the I2C bus. The camera is delivered with a HAT for the Raspberry pi to supply power and I2C commands to the AFZ Mipi camera.

Camera specification

Camera Specification  
Image sensor Sony IMX462 1/2.8" CMOS Rolling shutter
Effective no. of pixels Approx. 2,3  MP
Video format (HD) 1080p/25fps
S/N ratio >50dB
Gain control (AGC) OFF/ON
Shutter speed 1/30 – 1/30,000 sec.
Aperture control 20 steps
White balance Auto, Manual
AE (Auto exposure mode) Auto, lris Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual
Lens (wide to tele) 10x optical zoom f= 5.1mm to 51mm F1.6 to 1.8
Digital zoom OFF / MAX 2x – 32x
Focusing system Auto, manual
Horizontal viewing angle (wide to tele) 68° wide to 6,7° tele
Minimum object distance (wide to tele) 100mm to 1000mm
Control protocol I2C
Camera Functions  
Day & Night mode Auto / Day / Night / .
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) WDR / OFF
Digital Noise Reduction 2D+3D DNR. 
Digital Image Stabilization Available.
Mirror Off, H, V, H&V.
Power requirement Power from Raspberry Pi
Power consumption approx. 3,5W
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C.
Storage temperature -20°C to +60°C.
Operating humidity 0% to 90% (no condensation)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 43 x 44 x 65mm (w x h x d) - incl. connector
Weight 125g.

Mipi AFZ camera viewer, source code and python script

The camera can be controlled without installing any software. Therefore we have written an python example script. Additionally, we have developped a viewer application in C++. You can install the viewer and execute it. Finally, we also provide you the source code of the C++ viewer. Please note that we do not provide support on the software. You can download the Mipi AFZ camera viewer software from our download page.

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