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Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 SMART EDITION

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 SMART EDITION
Zebra Aurora Vision Studio 5 SMART EDITION
Zebra Aurora Vision studio SMART for standalone applications



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Zebra Aurora Vision Smart Edition

Zebra Aurora Vision Studio SMART software is the an easy and powerful graphical environment for machine vision engineers to write their own Machine Vision Software program for quality inspection of products and automation of industrial machines. It is based on dataflow and comes with a comprehensive set of powerful, ready for use image analysis filters. Its unique strength lies in its focus on professional users. It allows you to create typical applications easily, but at the same time makes it possible to efficiently develop highly customized and large-scale projects. Deeplearning and AI are possible, using the additional Deeplearning plug-in.

Standalone license

While Zebra Aurora Vision Studio works with a development license and a runtime license, Zebra Aurora Vision Smart has a standalone license. The PC that has the SMART edition installed can be used for both development of the vision program as execution of the vision program at the factory. Operators can easily change or add new functionalities to the current vision program. A complete overview of difference between Zebra Aurora Vision Studio and Zebra Aurora Vision SMART are listed below.

Adaptive Vision Studio versus SMART edition

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