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NEW! Waterproof aluminium camera housing

The machine vision camera is a crucial part of industrial automation and protecting your camera in harsh environmental conditions is of great importance.

IP67 water and dust proof enclosure

Water and dust can not only damage your machine vision camera, but also taint the image quality. GeT Cameras has developed a fully aluminium IP67 camera enclosure: Waterproof Aluminium Camera Housing. This camera enclosure will make your machine vision camera IP67 proof while using GeT Cameras’ standard cables. There is no need for expensive cables with IP67 plugs.

Price / Quality ratio

This aluminium enclosure costs € 249 and just like other GeT Cameras products it has the most competitive price on the machine vision market. Harsh environmental condition damage will no longer damage your machine vision camera or corrupt the image output. The lens settings will be protected against accidental touches or changes. 

Modular camera enclosure

The camera enclosure is modular. You can add or remove lens tube extension rings to make sure your lens will fit, no matter the length. Lenses with a diameter larger than 40mm are excluded. Secondly, each enclosure is provided with 3 adapter plates suitable to mount all 29x29mm cameras from well-known camera manufacturers.

Waterproof cable termination

The enclosure has two cable glands on the backside. One cable gland for the USB3 or GigE cable and one for the I/O cable. If you are not using an I/O cable, you can seal the gland with a plug. You can use GeT Cameras’ standard screw lock cables instead of expensive IP67 cables/connectors.
The vent on the back of the camera regulates the air pressure to protect the sealing while blocking out water and dust simultaneously.

Create brand awareness

The camera enclosure is unbranded. Make use of this opportunity to put your company logo on the enclosure. Secondly, your customers will not know which camera brand is inside the enclosure.

Why is it important to protect your machine vision hardware?

With an industrial camera enclosure, your machine vision solution will be more robust. A camera enclosure protects your machine vision cameras and lenses from harsh environmental conditions. Water and dust can damage your camera and taint the image quality. A camera enclosure provides a protective barrier which prevents the camera from damage. 

In conclusion: Features of the GeT Cameras aluminium camera enclosure

•    Designed to comply with IP67 standards
•    Supports machine vision cameras (29x29mm) from a variation of well-known manufacturers
•    The modular design supports different length objectives
•    Does not require any expensive IP67 USB3 or GigE cables 
•    Improves the heat dissipation of the camera

Other benefits of using a camera enclosure are maintaining the camera image quality, temperature control and cable management. 

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  Machine vision market & applications     02-06-2020 14:04