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Smart camera vs. PC-connected industrial camera

Are you looking for the right camera system for your industrial automation or visual inspection application? GeT Cameras offers a wide portfolio with more than 200 industrial cameras

Our cameras should be connected with a cable to a PC. Compared to smart cameras, industrial cameras are a better solution. There are 3 main advantages: 

1.    Cost-effective solution

PC-connected industrial cameras offer a much more affordable solution, especially for projects where multiple cameras are being used. Our PC-connected industrial cameras start at € 115 per piece. In contrast, smart cameras often come with a high price tag because of their specialized hardware.

2.    Rapid image processing

When it comes to image processing, an industrial PC is much more powerful than a smart camera. PCs have high-performance processors and powerful GPU’s. These features enable a more advanced and quicker image acquisition, processing power and analysis. This results in an improved operational productivity. 

3.    High flexibility and customization

Our PC-connected industrial cameras offer flexibility when choosing your specific camera model, lens and software tools. You can also customize your imaging parameters to best suit your specific requirements. Besides that, our cameras are GenICam™ compatible and support a variety of 3rd Party software such as MvTec Halcon, Labview, Cognex, Aurora Vision and OpenCV.

Would you like to know which industrial camera meets your needs or best replaces your current camera? Give a call or leave a message at our contact page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  Machine vision market & applications     19-12-2023 14:03