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Powersupply / light controller, 4 Channels, 24V/150W, Din rail

power supply for machine vision
Powersupply / light controller, 4 Channels, 24V/150W, Din rail
4-Channel 24V / 150W power supply for machine vision light. Light intensity and trigger control for each channel including Din Rail mount.



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Industrial Machine Illumination Power Supply Analog Series 24V

Four channel powersupply / machine vision light controller, to independently control the light intensity of 4 different machine vision lights. The powersupply has a 230V input and 4x 24V output channels. Max 2A per channel and it can deliver up to 150 Watt in total. Each channel can be triggered seperatly. This powersupply is ideal for adjusting the power of your industrial machine vision light. This machine vision lighting controller / powersupply includes a mount for Din Rail.


  • Stepless light intensity control
  • External trigger input for strobe lighting
  • Mains powered
  • Built in over-current protection
  • DIN-rail or bottom screw mounting options

How To Trigger The Lights

The light can be triggered using the Triggering ports on the power supply. The wiring diagram for using our industrial cameras is shown below. Triggering the LED light instead of leaving it continuously on will increase the life span of the LED light. Each light channel can be triggered separately. The intensity of the light can be controlled by the rotary knob. 

Download power supply datasheet

In our bar light datasheet you find the mechanical dimensions, wavelengths, operating temperature, compatible powersupplies and so on. Login using your email address and get instantly access to our bar light datasheets.

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